H4 Temp

The H4 Temp class makes smart usage of templates that combines the HTML with the PHP and JavaScript!
The H4 Framework contains it own template class... build from scratch and build to last... What makes it special... Well it uses a handy function for using javascript plugins in a PHP scripting environment. Besides that it uses smart caching, a PHP plugin system for extra functionalities.

H4 Maps

H4 Maps combines the Google Maps API with the H4 Framework.
H4 Maps is a PHP class that generates maps with the use of the Google maps API. Style your information boxes and icons. With H4 Maps you even can create groups. But that’s not all in combination with the H4 Framework it is even more powerful. Now you can add locations with the comfort of the H4 content management system.

H4 Mobile

Creating a mobile website was never this easy...
The H4 Mobile class is designed for creating mobile websites on the fly... Just mark the menu and content element and finished. Off course optional you can add some customize styling and if needed select an footer element as well. For a mobile example just check this page on your mobile.

H4 Themes

Themes offer a structured way of development.
In the world of framework and web-developers platform themes aren't so special... So what makes the theme engine in the H4 Framework so special? Well we work with a Model View Controller system... This makes creating themes more structural. Besides making it more structural we also thought of re-usability. Why create a right part in every layout when they are all the same? Find out how in the how to build a theme section.


H4 Framework likes Google's API's.

Google is still one of the most used search engines in the world. But that's not all, Google offers a perfect system for mapping the world and tracking web visits. This is why we integrated the Google Analytics and Maps API in our framework! Besides that the H4 Framework is optimized for the Google search engine. This makes indexing your site easier and eventually gives you a higher search rank.